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Shades of Divinity

2023 Scholarship Recipients


Maily T. Ly

I am Asian American, who came from a family of immigrants, raised by a single mom. I am currently pursuing RN which I will be starting January 2024. And I want to help as many help with the knowledge that I will learn in Nursing. Attached is also an old headshot of me from the pandemic that I had done for MA graduation from Highline College.


Saraniesha Gardner

Growing up surrounded by Black women who shared their stories and challenges in navigating their reproductive healthcare, I knew that birth work was for me. I watched as countless communities in Washington, DC were stripped of their obstetric care centers, creating barriers for patients to reach holistic and emergency care in their own neighborhoods. With so many major gaps in inequities, I identified midwifery as a way to help heal those gaps. After graduating from Howard University with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing, I worked as a labor and delivery nurse in underserved communities until I began to pursue my DNP in midwifery at the University of Washington. In the future, I hope to continue to serve people of color and underserved communities by embodying diversity and cultural humility in my practice. Ultimately, I hope to establish a BIPOC community-based midwifery clinic that provides holistic reproductive and gynecological healthcare to underserved populations, with care continuity between clinic, birth center and hospital. I plan for this to be a training ground for other midwives of color who come after me, and to continue to support Black women and birthing people of color in their own communities. I am grateful to receive this scholarship as I continue to pursue my goals. 



Nicollette-Nakerra Johnson

I am a wife and mother of three. I have dedicated the past 10 year of my life to birth work and being prepared to support BIPOC birthing bodies and their families. I was born in Grambling La, but raised in Seattle Wa. In 2015 I got married. 2016, 2017, and 2019 had children of my own. Each journey teaching me something new about myself as well as the journey of pregnancy. In 2021 I was a gestational surrogate to an amazing family. I have made it my mission to not only be able to support but understand every journey as best as I can. I began supporting families in a birth aspect in Germany as a doula in 2016. Once back stateside I began my midwifery journey and began lactation training. I have officially supported families in Germany(military), Texas and Washington. Once licensed as a midwife I plan to continue to support families. I also hope to make the midwifery journey one that is more accessible to BIPOC students.


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