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Our Services

The BIPOC community has the right to live in a world where we have adequate access to resources, see ourselves in healthcare, and create a strong community without barriers.


To reduce barriers and uplift the BIPOC community, Shades of Divinity will be providing the following services:

Mother Baby Bonding

Black Breastfeeding and Indigenous Milk Medicine Week Giveaway

SOD is giving away four lactation boxes to black and indigenous birthing folx in WA. Written submission required

Graduation Ceremony



Shades of Divinity will offer scholarships to those in the BIPOC community pursuing a career in healthcare

Link to the online application

Awning on Commercial Building

Community Space


A community space located in Pierce County, WA free of charge for BIPOC birth workers, pregnant and parenting folx. 

Space can be used for:
    Doula training, lactation groups, small gatherings, etc.

Awning on Commercial Building
Baby Decorative Sign

Divinity Pantry

A resource for BIPOC families to get baby items, clothing, birthing kits, and more.

Click here to contact us to schedule item drop off or reserve


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